Sunday, March 28, 2010

100 miles and counting.....

So far this year i've walked 100 miles. That sounds like a lot but ummm nope not really considering in 195 days I will be at the 3-day for the cure, walking 60 miles during those 3 days. Yeah my booty hasn't been walking as much as it should be. It's pouring rain today, yesterday we had a tkd tournament. Last weekend it was so nice I didn't feel like it. The excuses can go on and on. However that doesn't change that in 195 days i'll be walking my booty off. So I better get in gear!
My fundraising is going a bit better than my walking right now. I received $350 in donations this week!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I was so, so excited to received a $250 check! Whooo hooo and later that same day I got $100 online donation! It was like Christmas!!!!!!!! I'm $25 away from half of my minimum.